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Mercy Family Medical Clinic can diagnose and treat patients with iron deficiencies.

What is

Iron Deficiency?

Iron deficiency is when there is not enough iron in the body. Iron is needed for the production of red blood cells, which helps to maintain a healthy immune system, improves mental function, muscle strength and a persons energy.

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Suspect an iron deficiency?

These symptoms can be caused by other conditions, if you think you might have low iron levels, speak to your doctor.

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& weakness

Always feeling run down and feel weak?

Poor memory &

Struggling to concentrate and remember things

Dizzy or

Frequently feeling dizzy or light headed

Poor appetite or
weight gain

Loss of appetite or sudden weight gain

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Iron Deficiency

Your Mercy Family Medical Clinic Doctor will examine you and speak with you about your symptoms. If your doctor suspects an iron deficiency they will send you for a blood test, this is the only reliable way of telling if you do.

Your doctor may also send you for additional testing to find out what is causing the iron deficiency. This is to check whether a serious disease is causing the deficiency, and to provide the correct treatment for you.

Treating your

Iron Deficiency

Bringing your iron levels back to a healthy range can be done in a number of different ways including:

  • Eating foods high in iron
  • Eating foods high in Vitamin C helps you absorb iron
  • Consume less calcium, fibre, tea, coffee and wine which can reduce iron absorption
  • Take iron supplements
  • Have an intravenous infusion of iron at Mercy Family Medical Clinic, for extreme cases

    Speak with your doctor if you think you may be deficient in iron. Your doctor will work with you to diagnose you correctly and support you with the right action plan.

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